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The Dreem Teem

The Dreem Teem are the uncrowned Kings of UK Garage. Three certified Dj's in their own right, Timmi Magic, Mikee B and DJ Spoony came together in the mid 90s after meeting on the capital's premier pirate radio station London Underground. Known for their love of Acid House, Jungle and Soulful House respectively, the boys fused their passion for music and inimitable energy on air to take UK Garage to the heights it reached. 

It wasn't long before the 'Teem' were headhunted to join and add to the fast growing reputation of London's Kiss FM. UK Garage was now big news and the Dreem Teem were at the forefront of this.

Weekly trips to Ibiza in '96 meant that the 'London' scene was no longer. This was an international music genre. Dj Spoony became the resident DJ at the now legendary 'Twice as Nice' and Timmi was the brains behind the top 40 hit 'Dreem Teem Theme'. It was a great year individually but more importantly collectively for the Dreem Teem. Such was the rise, Kiss FM gave the boys 2 more shows on the network meaning that the now had 6 hours a week. Unprecedented for specialist DJ's on the station.

The rise and rise and rise of UK Garage meant the demand for the music and the Dreem Teem was ever increasing. Galaxy Radio realised this and offered the guys a show that was to be another ground breaking moment for them and the scene. Friday nights, 10pm-12, transmitted to Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Newcastle to name a few of the cities. The charts were now littered with garage records and the Dreem Teem were on air to the nation every Friday.

In '99 The Dreem Teem released their version of Neneh Cherry's 'Buddy X'. This track in its club form was a power-play and the radio version was on every stations playlist. Another top 40 hit for The Dreem Teem and UK Garage. 

With the ascendency still going strong, national and international gigs being sold out, hit records now on their CV, the next chapter was about to happen for The Dreem Teem. January 2000 saw meteoric rise from pirate radio reach its pinnacle when they joined Radio 1. Three years hosting Sunday mornings and Sunday nights on the station, breaking acts like Craig David, Artful Dodger and Ms Dynamite, meant they became THE place to be for UK Garage. There wasn't a UK Garage hit that wasn't played as an exclusive or promo on the Dreem Teem's show. Mainstream acts like VIctoria Beckham, All Saints and Alicia Keyes appeared as guests on the show such was their 'cool'.

Coming up to date with this, in 2013, yes all these years later, you can now catch them with their monthly show on Ministry of Sound radio for The Dreem Teem has coincided with a new found desire for UK Garage by young clubbers who may have missed out first time around.

 Without peer or fuss, The Dreem Teem are UK Garage.


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