Jaimeson started making music back in 1990. His first productions weren't the rolling bassline Garage classics that he is now known for but were in fact 'Hardcore' tracks, which for those that don't know was the original sound that Jungle music came from. His first underground record was released in Jan 1993 which was the Kenetic E.P. This was released on Boogie Beat Records when Jaimeson was only 17. He had three further releases with Boogie Beat but the label began to have some problems and Jaimeson decided to move on.

During that period between 1993 and 1996 he was still producing in his very basic studio at home and experimented with a few different styles but finally discovered Garage in late 1996. "I didn't really like Garage at first, some friends introduced me to it but I only liked a few tracks mostly the Tuff Jam stuff, the rest was a little too laid back for me" he said. Despite this he began to investigate the scene more by going to the local record shops and buying new tracks and over the course of the next 6 months really began to embrace the scene and the music.

Jaimeson's first Garage release was in early 1997 and was double A side record titled 'Rocsteady presents Movin U' which came out on Jonny Biscuit Records. The tracks were very well received by DJ's and clubbers alike. For the remainder of that year he worked at a huge pace, having some 14 or so more vinyl releases that year alone. Some of these were just released as white labels and others were released under different artist names, which meant that by the end of 1997 he had a large back catalogue of tracks but no real name recognition.

In early 98' frustrated with the situation Jaimeson started his own record label called ‘Lifestyle Records’ and began his slow climb to becoming a respected Garage producer. He scored underground hits with 'Take It Easy' in 1998 and then in 2000 with a track called 'This One' which he performed the vocal on. By late 2000 all the hard work began to pay off for Jaimeson as each release on Lifestyle did better and was more popular than the last. At about the same time, early 2001', Jaimeson began to get regular remix work and has done Garage mixes for artists like, Destiny’s Child, Sugababes, Jay Z, Miss Dynamite and The Streets to name a few. It was also at this time that he made the decision to leave his day job and concentrate fully on his music career, something that he had worked hard for over 6 years to achieve.

The track that put him on the Garage map was of course 'Urban Hero' which was released mid 2001. This was quickly followed by the original mix of ‘True’. Shortly after that came the vocal mix of ‘Urban Hero’, 'Selecta' which featured MC Viper and Jaimeson on vocals. 'Selecta' was signed to Soundproof Records which was Mark Hill of Artful Dodger's label, but despite being massive on the underground the track failed to get its deserved commercial success. Not stopping for breath Jaimeson quickly regrouped and signed an album deal with J-DID records, having hidden away the vocal mix of 'True' so as not to take the attention away from 'Selecta'. By Sept 2002 'Selecta' had been released and he decided it was the right time. Over those next few months Jaimeson and Angel Blu were on the road promoting the single, but it was no walk in the park. It seemed that most people outside of London didn't know the track and because it wasn't being played much on commercial radio the PA's were hard work to win the crowd over, but eventually that's exactly what they did. In Dec 2002 Kiss FM really began supporting the track and play listed it which lead to other stations following suit, by Christmas of that year ‘True’ was everywhere. Finally on the 13th of Jan 2003 'True' was given a full commercial release and went straight in the national charts at No.4. It was a great moment for Jaimeson, who didn't get a chance to sit back and relax. Being signed to an album deal meant more tracks and of course more singles. Eventually 'Complete' was picked as the second single and repeated the success of 'True' going straight in at No.4 in the national charts.

The next single was 'Take Control' which came out in Jan 2004 and charted in the top 20. ‘Take Control’ was quickly followed by the release of Jaimeson's first album 'Think on your Feet' a title that came from the fact that he felt that during 2003 he had so many new things to deal with and to handle that the only way to really do it was to think on his feet. Since the release of the album Jaimeson and J-DID parted company and Jaimeson remains involved in the Garage scene as well as working on other projects that come up that he feels he can bring something to.

Jaimeson began DJing professionally around 2000 and his first big club booking was at Twice As Nice at the END nightclub, which at the time was THE premier Garage club night. He played there once a month on a night that was called the ‘Producers Party’ which ran from the beginning of 2000 all the way to the end of the year where ‘Twice As Nice’ lost the venue. Following that and combined with his chart successes starting in 2002 Jaimeson has DJ’ed all over the world in places like Ayia Napa, Kos, Falaraki, Malia and Amsterdam. He has played in many First Leisure clubs (Liquid, Ikon Diva, Oceana and Lava & Ignite) all over the UK as well as the more established garage nights like Pure Temptation, Garage Nation, Trinity, Nookie and La Cosa Nostra.

He is currently working with a new up and coming talented singer called ‘Ava Burelle’ who he was introduced to by Garage veteran Danny C. They released a Garage track in 2011 called ‘The Way It Is’ which went on to feature on the ‘Pure Garage Classics’ compilation CD. Jaimeson and Ava have been working on all sorts of different material and are currently working on new club tracks to be released this year.

As for the future he remarks "who knows what I'll end up working on next, back in the day I never thought I'd do Garage and look what happened there". One thing’s for certain, whatever he ends up making, you know it will be banging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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