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Katrin Moro

Katrin Moro is a SHOW woman first of all! She is a Vocalist and Dj and her beauty is just an amazing addition to all of this! She is singing, djing and dancingat the same time!

She is the resident of 2 spanish clubs - TROPICAL and PUERTO PRINCIPE.

People like her for her positive energy and strong beautiful voice! She is a welcome guest of famous parties and elite clubs. She creates her own tracks, which are in hot rotation on russian, european and american radio stations (Julia, Love Is, Baby Boom, There Is, La Salida Del Sol and so on.) 

She plays in such Moscow clubs as: Imperia Lounge, Royal Bar, Soho club, club Rai , Play House, club Discoteque, Oblaka, Veterok, Shatush and so on.

She often works with different companies: Lucia, brilliants Choron, magazin Fashion Collection and so on. She plays at fashion shows and at festivals: May Fashion, Millionaire Fair, Sky Lounge and so on.

She travels with her Vocal & Dj gigs all over around the world: Spain, Holland, Germany, Montenegro, Croatia, Turkey and Russia.


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