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Rocky G

DJ ROCKY G - No.1 female DJ in Portugal DJ ROCKY G was formed in November 2008,a person of many skills that has been able in the past years to conquer the country in many different areas like fashion ,TV and the business world. The DJ occupation comes from a passion to perform for crowds of people who love music and her love to live the nights her own way. ROCKY G quickly becomes a success and in March 2009 she is the Cover Girl for Maxmen Magazine (Maxim International) with the title “ROCKY G –OUR FAVORIT DJ” During that year Rocky G wins over not only Portuguese market but also the international markets by making a presence and playing in Big Cities like Salzburgo (Áustria), Geneve (Switzerland ), Friburgo(Sweden), Luanda (Angola), Dublin (Ireland) e Amesterdam (Holland). Her presence leaves a mark behind attracting national and international press such as: “The DJ of the moment … Sun – Portugal” “The Sexiest and most Favorite Female DJ in Portugal! Sexy World- England “ “ “ Une Djettin contournable, au Portugal e au monde! BlueMatin – Geneve ” "One of the prettiest DJs in the world !Noite Angolana - ANGOLA " " Rocky g- the fastest growing DJ in Portugal" -Poabeat – Brasil At the end of 2009 TV “SIC” during a report about the launch for the game” DJ HERO” called ROCKY G “The most famous female Dj in Portugal” Simultaneously ROCKY G creates a group of faithful fans she becomes, as she says a DJ that plays for women. This feature makes her shine in events for global brands like Calzedonia, Tenessis and Intimissi. Accessorizing the national scenery in 2010 ROCKY G becomes one of the TOP DJ in Portugal. In June 2009 she as the honor to become the Ambassador for Pioneer Portugal position that she proudly serves and devotes 100% In a space of two ½ years Portugal surrender to her DJ sets .With an average superior to 50 annual bookings Rocky G spoils her fans from North to South .ROCKY G holds more than 20.000 followers in the internet among Myspace , Facebook and Twitter. With a unique capacity to build sets she can mix Tribal, House, Electrohouse and Progressive. Her African background turns her gigs into a musical novelty, by mixing the hottest sounds. ROCKY G attracts the attention of any public whether in a CLUB or in a GRAND FESTIVAL .She is a won bet for who hires her. REFERENCE CLUBS: KAPITAL, VOGUE, ACT, POP , PALACE KIAY, SASHA, BAESURIS, IN CLUB, IN SEVEN, QUEST,BLACK JACK, S CLUB, RS DREAMS, HANGAR, BIOSFERA, BLACK JACK, POP, BAHAUS, CRISFAL,DNA,PATRIMONIO, HALF MOON (SALZBURGO), MONTE CRISTO (GENEVE), SPIRIT (FRIBURGO),CHILL OUT (LUANDA) FESTIVALS: RECEPÇÃO DO CALOIRO GUIMARÃES, LUSOFONA, RAYA JOVEM CAMPO MAIOR, NEW YEARS EVE MADEIRA,MODELS CARNIVAL, MONFORTE FEIRA, VILA BOIM, LESBOA, CALHETA LIVE, ROCK NA QUINTA BRANDS: PLAYSTION, FIAT, NISSAN, CALZEDONIA, INTIMISSI, TENESSIS, M&MS ETC

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