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N-Joi Biog The legendary dance band, who throughout the nineties had four UK top 20 hits, two No 1’s U.S.A Billboard and were the initiators of the “keyboard dance band” revered by the likes of the Prodigy and Chemical Brothers. Their biggest hit `Anthem` is still as popular today as it was back then, being featured on the 2009 `Ministry of Sound` double platinum selling “Dance Anthems” compilation. N-joi are now under new management, and are being backed by Gio Goi, with a plan to re-release `Anthem` with a package of new mixes, on the recently revived `Deconstruction Records` (Sony), the bands original label. N-joi have two new singers and rappers, and are currently working on the follow up singles and album to follow the re-release of `Anthem`. They absolutely still rock the crowd every time they play live. N-joi DJ as well as play live and quite often combine the two!

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