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DJ Luck & MC Neat

DJ LUCK & MC NEAT ...It took DJ Luck and MC Neat eight months to acquire replicas of their Best Garage Act Mobo Award, but now that both partners and occasional vocal collaborator JJ have gleaming copies weighing down their sideboards, few would argue against Luck and Neat being the most deserving of recipients. If there was an award for services to UK Garage, the hyper productive London pair would win one of those too.

They were there back in the day, testing out home made acetates in mid 90s basements and helping shape the new steppin style. As the scene they loved exploded, Luck and Neat have turned into a two man United Nations Of Garage, bridging scenes and showing that the raw and the smooth can co-exist beautifully, wikkidly. In the first two years of the new selecting century the premier league garage stars have bashed the charts with a string of top 10 hits, made Top Of The Pops their home, picked up a Brit Award nomination and jumped the hit albums guest list with hundred thousand plus sales of their Luck And Neat Presents... compilations. The planets best bassline lovin clubs have been rocked at a rate of more than 25O appearances a year, theyve won friends across the board with their broadminded House Nation show on Kiss FM and set up their own Lush label. Above and beyond the call, theyve represented global garage from Germany to Miami and beyond. If it's all come out extra good for Luck and Neat, it's cause theyve found that place everyone wants to get to, between the underground and the wide open high streets. They can blow away the pirate radio massive with a dub plate made for not even chump change.

Their legendary, introductory dubplate, 98s A Little Bit Of Luck cost fifty quid and went on to sell a quarter of a million copies. Then they can go all Latin on us with a tune like Piano Loco, pull off another hit, and still stay cool with the new generation in Ayia Napa. As Neat points out, if theyd had a pound for every photo taken with a Cyprus sunning fan, theyd be rich enough to retire. DJ Luck, real name Joel Samuels, picked up his spinning appellation because he was one of those people who seemed to attract good karma. That would explain how come he met up with the easy going and deeply talented MC Neat, real name Michael Rose. Both the lucky one and the-one-who-used-to- say-neatly-whenever-he-agreed-with-someone, were knocking around on the London jungle scene prior to 1995, and one day up at pirate station Chicago FM, Neats regular DJ failed to show, leaving the decks free for a young, determined, garage freak, name of DJ Luck.

The partnership of the ruff-chattin, widely schooled, charismatic MC and the focussed, thrusting, tunesmaster DJ kicked off that day. Most importantly for the duos progress over the next half a decade, that's when a solid friendship came together allowing them to laugh their way through the madness of their unstoppable rise. The main reason that we fit well is that were friends, explains Neat. Days off, we get the whole clique together, my side of town and his side of town, and everyone knows each other. We dont sit down and get stressed and start taking ourselves seriously because that leads to arguments. We look at it like were just two friends trying to have a laugh in life. Luck and Neat might be livin it and laughin it - they undoubtably are normal guys who like a deluxe ride, a round of golf, a barbecue and a race round the local park with their remote controlled model motors - but they can afford to be that way after years of being steeped in the roots of lovin it culture. Dues have been paid. Cutting edge lessons have been absorbed. Luck and Neat dont have to try to be garagefabulous, they just are.

To date they have just finished off an exhausting but enjoyable summer with over 90 bookings within a few months across Cyprus, Malia, Zante, Kos, Falaraki, Ibiza, USA, Germany, Amsterdam, Russia and many other countries. They have just finished a new track called "Street Life" aswell as the new 2007 remixes of "With a little bit of luck," Troublesome," and "Masterblaster." They have integrated the northern Bassline that seems to be rocking the UK Garage scene at the moment with the crisp and unique vocals of MC Neat. Watch this space because 2007/2008 will be a massive year for DJ Luck & MC Neat. ------------


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