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Singer and solo-artist Yousseph Slimani is better known by his stage name and as the X Factor quarter finalist Chico. First appearing on British TV in 2005, Chico quickly became one of the most easily recognisable music acts in the UK. Born in 1971 Chico came from a Muslim family of Moroccan descent, he grew up incredibly poor and took up goat herding whilst still a child to compliment his family’s income; Chico had long harboured dreams of stardom and being a solo-artist, he began building his entertainment career at a young age, taking up martial art and joining a dance troupe.

Chico’s first steps into becoming a solo artist came when he gained a position as a singer and compère. By the mid 2000’s Chico was well on his way to breaking into the entertainment industry. Having spent some time working as a male stripper, Chico had also co-written, produced, acted in and provided the soundtrack for a BAFTA nominated short Winner Takes All in 2004. However his biggest break came in the summer of 2005 when he auditioned for the music act competition the X-Factor.

Combining his eccentric personality and love of performing with the vibrant and camp theatrics of music hall Chico became known for his outlandish performances and self-mocking attitude; the British public latched on to Chico’s on-stage style and he became so popular that his first single, the aptly titled It’s Chico Time, rocketed to number 1. Though he may have caused some controversy during his time on the X-Factor Chico remains a popular solo artist and, as notoriously scathing judge Simon Cowell admits, Chico is a 'born entertainer'.

Chico is an incredible motivational speaker who takes his audience on a journey through the trials and tribulations of his life to how he overcame obstacles. His inspiring story shares real-life experiences from taking the No 1 spot from Madonna to cycling with Richard Branson. He emotes audiences with how his personal philosophy has helped him to rebuild everything he lost.  Chico now uses his life story to show how struggles and obstacles can be turned into triumphs. He can relate how success follows a formula to any industry from entrepreneurs, sportsman and leaders. Chico's speeches follow the principles of persistence, patience and perseverance to motivate others into achieving great success.  He has the ability to tailor to suit each company and event.


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