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Ian Van Dahl

Ian Van Dahl burst into the European consciousness in 2001 when debut single, ‘Castles In The Sky’ became the soundtrack to the summer. With its beautiful trancey chords and perfect sunny lyrics, it encapsulated feel good pop-dance crossover music, and sparked a burning debate – why would such a pretty girl be called Ian?

“Ian Van Dahl was just a project name,” laughs Annemie. “The record company wanted something that sounded a bit Dutch or Flemish - it wasn’t until the track got really big that we realised Ian was a male’s name – everyone in the UK was expecting a man and looked really surprised when I turned up for gigs!”

 AnnaGrace (born as Annemie Coenen, 1978, Herk-de-Stad) has been - until further notice - the only Belgian musician who defeated Moby in a direct contest. It all happened at the 2002 Top of the Pop-Awards. Annemie, at that moment Ian Van Dahl’s front lady, won the much contested and desired Dance Award for the song Castles In The Sky; she grasped it right from under the noses of Moby and Basement Jaxx. 

Ian Van Dahl had further hits with "WillI", "Reason", "Try" and "I can't let You Go".


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