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The success story of MAXX began in 1993 with the huge success of the single "Get-A-Way" and the follow-up smash hit "No More (I Can't stand it) which catapulted the dance project further up in the Europe-wide charts.

They were permanent guests in all hot charts shows of the 90s, such as "Top of the Pops", "Bravo TV" and "Dance Machine" and belonged to the line-up at all major festivals. Driven by the success, they released the album "To The Maxximum" in 1994 and immediately released another hit with the next single "You can get it". This was followed by the Christmas single "Power of love," and the singles "I Can Make You Feel Like" and "Move your Body."

25 years after their huge success MAXX continues with the original vocalist Linda. The hit machine is running again and the dance project ensures again the 90s fever.


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