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Michael Watford

A classy garage artist from New Jersey, New York, although he was born and raised in Virginia, Watford’s distinctive, soulful baritone has graced a number of successful records since his debut, Holdin’ On’, for EastWest. He grew up performing song and dance routines for his parents with his brothers and sisters, before joining gospel group the Disciples Of Truth at the age of five. From there he joined Smack Music (Michael and Debbie Cameron), the New Jersey production team from whom Adeva has also benefited, in 1987. It took some time for Watford to progress to centre stage but this is typical of his retiring, almost reticent nature. It was ‘Holdin’ On’ which provided the push. Originally housed on a 1992 Atlantic Records’ compilation (Underground Dance Volume 1), it was soon picked out by club DJs. The Smack team also worked on his debut long playing set, assisted by producer John Robinson. This housed successful singles ‘Luv 4-2’ and ‘So Into You’ which authenticated his appeal to club audiences and soul fans alike, though he maintains his deep religious beliefs.


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