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Michael Simon (Scooter)

Michael has been in the music business for almost 30 years and directs his three labels Efectiva, Superlovemusic and Avinaki Records, which are an average of his personal music history. As a member of the band, Scooter, currently based in Hamburg, Michael's focus is on touring and producing in addition to his solo work, which tends more to techno and analog electronic music structures. Michael was one of the first techno DJ’s in northern Germany in the early 90s and was one of the first artists on Kontor Records in the history of the label. A few years later, as the rave sound evolved into a slower club sound, he formed the project Soulforce with classic jazz musician Bob Cruise. Under this project name many tracks were composed for artists like Mary J. Blige, Lil Kim and Phil Collins. Through his passion for house music he met the talented singer and songwriter Terri B. She introduced Michael to Jerry Ropero. They decided to work together. Under the name 'Combo Cubano' they created many tracks and remixes for labels like Ministry of Sound, Subliminal Records, Vendetta, Azuli, Milk & Sugar, CR2, just to name a few. In 2006, Jerry and Michael produced a track titled "home alone," licensed by Erick Morillo's label Subliminal Records. In the same year, they made one of their strongest recordings, because the legendary singer Kathy Brown was involved in her production ,Ocean Drums' as featured vocalist. The track reached the top chart position on Traxsource, one of the major Dj platforms. Followed by their track called "Berimbau", which was signed on Roger Sanchez's label Stealth and was featured on Pete Tong's BBC Radio show.

In 2006 Michael became a member of one of the most known and successful bands from Germany called 'Scooter'.

Scooter sold over 30 Million recordings and won over 80 Gold & Platinum Awards.

In 2008 Scooters album entered the UK album charts on number 1. Scooter is the only german Group who ever reached the top position in the UK charts until now. This album sold over 500.000 copies in Europe.

With sold out concerts Worldwide, the most successful album in Scooters history, the biggest Scooter show in Hamburg with 20.000 visitors and performances on the biggest and most popular festivals like 'Tomorrowland in 2010', its not far-fetched to say that Scooters success and reputation is firmly established.

Never looking to the past, always in the here and now with multifaceted focus, Michael breaks the boundaries between musical genres. Whether it’s on record, behind the decks or under the reliable Sheffield tunes umbrella, Michael Simon continues to unravel an unprecedented success story for the global music circuit.

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