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MC Domino

M.C. Domino is one of the Northwest’s leading Old Skool Mc’s. Making a name for him on the dance music scene in the early nineties with a unique style that complimented that piano house northern sound. However a switch of styles came after the world-renowned dance label Clubland who took him on their world tour supporting the likes of international superstars Darren Styles, Scooter, Cascada and Ultrabeat snapped up Dom.

He has now worked with and supported tinnie tempa pro green ndubz example Peter Andre and Danny dyer on their summer tours?He's has also be the mc on the three clubland arena tour where the biggest crowd was 18,000 at the MEN in Manchester supported cascada. On her three European tours and toured with Darren styles and Ultrabeat on their 2010 pretty green tour ?

Now he has taken a step back from Clubland and taken up his Old Skool roots once again taking the raves by storm with major bookings across the north of the country with Fantazia, Rejuvenation and a host of others.?His stage presence and performance is second to none he knows how to control a crowd and works effortlessly alongside Dj’s. Expect fireworks when Dom’s on the stage, as he knows exactly how to light a fuse.

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