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Plavka (Jam & Spoon)

Plavka is best known for being the lead singing talent of the German dance act Jam & Spoon, whose classically-infused trance sound dominated the international charts in the mid 1990s. She toured and performed around the globe with the duo, which delivered a string of hits including the worldwide dance chart number one hit "Right in the Night", as well as "Find Me (Odyssey to Anyoona)" and "Angel". Previously she was lead-singer for the seminal British acid-house band The Shamen and performed on the group's UK and European tours. She sang lead for the Shamen’s first hit, Hyperreal.  They toured UK and Europe with their traveling show, Synergy. They recorded a John Peel session in the UK . In 1991 The Shamen with Plavka were covered by UK's Face magazine to take rave to Russia; they went as far as Siberia.

The Californian-born Plavka is the daughter of a Peruvian mother and Croatian father. She moved to  London at aged 21 and after a stint with the Shamen she was poached by the management of  Jam & Spoon to be their lead singer. Their first single, Right in the Night, went Top 10 in the UK and they performed on the legendary UK show Top of the Pops. Jam & Spoon feat. Plavka were nominated for Best Dance Act at the first ever MTV European Music Awards held in Berlin.

Plavka next wrote and recorded for Jam & Spoon's album Kaleidoscope Skies. It was released on [[Universal Records]]. The single, Kaleidoscope Skies, was the first single off the album and made the Top 20 in several European territories. She also performed Jam & Spoon's final single "Butterfly Sign" at the New Pop Festival in [[Germany]].

In the early to mid 1990s, Plavka worked with Caspar Pound, producer, composer and owner of Rising High Records.  They formed Rising High Collective with producer Peter Smith.  They were known for some very well regarded trance, ambient and house tracks on the underground electronic music scene. Their first single, Fever Called Love, was a revolutionary track as it was the first techno dance production to have a vocal song.  This underground hit garnered Rising High Collective live engagements across Europe and critical acclaim.

Plavka has been featured as guest vocalist with Dj Ils ( Razorblade) and Nu Frequency (Love Sick), J. Nitti (Surrender). She also penned the song 'Never Ever', for the English band James Taylor Quartet (Acid Jazz records).

In May 2013, Jam & Spoon featuring Plavka re-released Right in the Night 2013 with a mix by David May and Amfree.  Plavka shot the video in Salton Sea, California. The song was released by Sony Columbia.  It reached No. 1 in the European Dance Charts.


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