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Timmi Magic

Timmi Magic’s distinguished music career began at the tender age of fifteen, when he formed his first band. He played guitar and sang in a soul band that never got signed but that sealed his resolve that music, in one form or another, was to be his career for life.

Timmi’s determination began to pay off as early as the late ‘80s when he started to generate a lot of interest as a DJ, playing early house music. It wasn’t long before he was enjoying a regular slot on the pirate radio station, Rave FM and a residency at the legendary Sterns, which launched the careers of other luminaries, such as Carl Cox and Mr C.

In the early ‘90s the house music scene began to change and fragment. As a result, new styles of dance music began to emerge and Timmi became an integral part of the then embryonic Garage music scene, which he continued to develop on the South Coast for the next few years.

During a sabbatical in London in the mid ‘90s Timmi teamed up with Jungle producer, Lennie D’Ice and for a while took to playing and producing Jungle music. However, the lure of Garage music proved too much to resist and Timmi secured a regular slot on Freek FM, playing US Garage and supporting the rise of UK Garage. It wasn’t long before he began to produce US and UK Garage and in ’94 had a hit with ‘Heavenly Love’ with 4 Liberty Records.

In 1995, Timmi left Freek FM to join another pirate radio station, London Underground. It was here that he met Mikee B and Spoony and a friendship developed quickly, born largely out of their mutual passion for the then fledgling UK Garage music scene. Therefore, there seemed no better idea than to consolidate their unrivalled, individual talents to form the inimitable Dreem Teem. Using their leverage within the music industry, the Dreem Teem built the UK Garage genre up into a powerful, established scene that continues to provide a vehicle for new and established artistes alike.

As part of the Dreem Teem, Timmi has enjoyed regular shows on KISS FM, Galaxy FM and of course, he can now be heard along with Spoony and Mikee B on Radio 1. Along with the Dreem Teem’s R1, Sunday morning show, the boys also have a second R1 show, ‘Dreem Teem Presents’ which goes out between 1-3am on Monday mornings and is a music led show, giving the boys the opportunity to play their favoured tracks each week and more.

In addition to being a highly sought after DJ, Timmi has established himself as a highly regarded music producer. Alongside the Dreem Teem, he has enjoyed numerous, successful releases such as Dreem Teem Vs Artful Dodger with ‘It Ain’t Enough’, Amira’s ‘My Desire’, Dreem Teem Vs Neneh Cherry with ‘Buddy X’ and the Dreem Teem theme. The Dreem Teem have also been in great demand to do remixes and from the many artistes that have approached them, the boys have worked with, amongst others, Destiny’s Child, Sisqo and All Saints, for whom they created the massive hit ‘Booty Call’.

Timmi’s commitment to sourcing and developing new acts is reflected in his brainchild, Uni-Fi. This annual, sponsored event showcases unsigned urban music acts, providing them with the opportunity to play in front of key music executives. To date, the event has toured various nation wide locations and this year will comprise three London based events.

To further support his enthusiasm for music of all genres, Timmi has set up Magic Studios, which has become a focal point for a variety of high profile music acts and producers.

In addition to all of this activity, Timmi enjoys a continually jam-packed DJ diary, involvement in TV shows such as ‘Faking It’ and ‘Tomorrow’s World’ and an active role with the charity ‘Support For Africa’, which raises money for Aids victims in Africa. He is also a figurehead for the LTA’s campaign to make tennis a more accessible and affordable sport.

Coming up to date with this, in 2013, yes all these years later, you can now catch Timmi (as part of The Dreem Team) with their monthly show on Ministry of Sound radio for The Dreem Teem has coincided with a new found desire for UK Garage by young clubbers who may have missed out first time around.

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