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Jaimeson Live

The track that put him on the Garage map was of course 'Urban Hero' which was released mid 2001. This was quickly followed by the original mix of ‘True’. Shortly after that came the vocal mix of ‘Urban Hero’, 'Selecta' which featured MC Viper and Jaimeson on vocals. 'Selecta' was signed to Soundproof Records which was Mark Hill of Artful Dodger's label, but despite being massive on the underground the track failed to get its deserved commercial success. Not stopping for breath Jaimeson quickly regrouped and signed an album deal with J-DID records, having hidden away the vocal mix of 'True' so as not to take the attention away from 'Selecta'. By Sept 2002 'Selecta' had been released and he decided it was the right time. Over those next few months Jaimeson and Angel Blu were on the road promoting the single, but it was no walk in the park. It seemed that most people outside of London didn't know the track and because it wasn't being played much on commercial radio the PA's were hard work to win the crowd over, but eventually that's exactly what they did. In Dec 2002 Kiss FM really began supporting the track and play listed it which lead to other stations following suit, by Christmas of that year ‘True’ was everywhere. Finally on the 13th of Jan 2003 'True' was given a full commercial release and went straight in the national charts at No.4. It was a great moment for Jaimeson, who didn't get a chance to sit back and relax. Being signed to an album deal meant more tracks and of course more singles. Eventually 'Complete' was picked as the second single and repeated the success of 'True' going straight in at No.4 in the national charts.

The next single was 'Take Control' which came out in Jan 2004 and charted in the top 20. ‘Take Control’ was quickly followed by the release of Jaimeson's first album 'Think on your Feet' a title that came from the fact that he felt that during 2003 he had so many new things to deal with and to handle that the only way to really do it was to think on his feet. Since the release of the album Jaimeson and J-DID parted company and Jaimeson remains involved in the Garage scene as well as working on other projects that come up that he feels he can bring something to.


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