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  • An iconic and prolific individual, Normski has worked in the fields of Music / TV / Clubs / media for over 20 years.

His love for music started at a very early age at school playing the trombone, percussion and drums. Then continuing the full drum kit in a band with friends at age 13 and gaining much musical experience in his first job after leaving school at the London Rock shop in Chalk Farm as a salesman working closely with drum machines, back line equipment, Bass guitars and synths.

"Music is the food of my life and just about everything I do is in the world of sounds"

He started to DJ in the late 80's mixing between a belt drive Technics 1200 and a cassette player in his bedroom and recording demo's on his Fostex X15 multitrack tape recorder. During a trip in 87 to Detroit for then Record Mirror magazine as a photographer he met and photographed the pioneers of Detroit Techno and was invited to the studio of Juan Atkins to record a vocal over one of his tracks "Yeah Yeah Yeah". This track made it to the Kevin Saundersons KMS compilation LP Techno 1 and less than a year later Normski was designing the sleeve for the same Album. Cementing his position in the foundations of today's contemporary and dance music scene.

As a DJ he has had the opportunity to play for many high quality clubs and underground venues like Ministry of Sound, Area, Egg Club, Fabric, The Cross(RiP) Pacha London, Hidden, SW1, Electrowerkz, Traffic Ibiza, The Book Club, CAMP, 333, Jamm , The Wellington, Cafe De Paris, Lovebox, Glastonbury, Bestival, Bangface weekender, Herbal, Bar Vinyl,The End, Cambridge and Reading Fez clubs actually too many to mention from the UK as far as Japan to Mauritius through Europe and back.

He has also played for a number of high level corporate events such as Pioneer at the Plaza show held in Earls court, London Bar week at Olympia, "The world is not enough" James Bond production crew wrap party in London, Emap Christmas party at Koko in Camden, Durex world cup party in Manchester just to name a few. Since early 2011 he has been added to Ministry of Sounds DJ roster representing the Addicted to Bass Brand, playing in Clubs and Universities throughout the UK.

In 2010 he hosted his own radio show at the International Radio Festival in Zurich acting as the Voice and anchor man for the whole event. And returned in 2011 to the festival with his signature sets of disco, funk, house, electro D&B and dub-step tunes.

As a radio broadcaster, his credits include Dance Energy Radio Show on Radio 1, Rap Academy on Kiss FM and VIBE on BBC Radio 5.The Vibe show won the Sony award for racial equalities and harmony in programming. Since 2010 He has become the voice and host Dj throughout the annual International Radio Festival in Zurich. Having Played on House FM and Push FM with his drive time house music show "The Ride" that ran for 5 years. Since the beginning of 2012 he has started a new show online for Hoxton FM called "GeT.Tronic" specialising in all things house and electronic and featuring fellow world renowned guest DJ's such as A Guy Called Gerald, Stef Manni and Robert Owens, Mr C, Hannah Holland, Crazy P, Electronic Youth, Stan-ley Deep London records, EL Chico, DJ Blush and Erique Dial.

He has travelled the UK both MC-ing and DJ-ing on two nationwide promotional club tours sponsored by Malibu. He also performed DJ sets for Muhammad Ali and Lennox Lewis amongst the many other corporate shows and Industry events as well as contributing articles and features to many music and youth culture magazines.

His TV career kicked off in 1991 when he became Britain’s foremost youth presenter on Ground breaking dance music program ‘Dance Energy’ for Def ll on BBC 2. The show ran for five series and due to popular demand was re-screened on the launch of BBC’s digital channels. Also has presented a 50-minute documentary on the history of Rap music for Rapido TV and a 40-minute special ‘DANGEROUS’ featuring Michael Jackson.In 1995 he moved to Channel 4 to launch "BOARD STUPID" the first ever Snowboard show on British TV which he not only presented, but also directed filmed inserts with stars like Goldie in Austria as well as DJing at various snowboard events in the mountains. TV credits also include many guest appearances on shows like "Big brothers little Brother" and "Celebrity weakest link" and "Celebrity Detox" on Channel 5 as well as presenting features on Break dancing, Photography, Fashion, Style, Youth Culture and of course Music. He's recently been on the nation's screens as ‘Fresno', the ultimate party planner in the funny ad campaigns for Yell.com and is the voice of Ministry of Sounds Addicted to Bass TV and Radio ads.

Combining his talents for vision and music, Normski's photographic credits have flown the world and still continue too. In September 2003 he staged Hip Odyssey a prolific show of his urban street culture photography at the Proud Gallery and his photographs were used at the V+A ‘Black Britain' exhibition of which in 2011 seven of his photographs are now part of the museums permanent archived collection. He has worked and consulted for all the major record companies and produced and directed music promos for many UK and U.S record companies.

Normski played host and DJ at a number of live international events, including the Jazz stage at the Phoenix festival in 1995/96/97,The Beachdown Festival in Brighton, The Sony stage at the BBC Big Bash and The Pepsi Max Mania Extreme sports event in Manchester as well as presenting the 2000 Notting Hill Carnival gala at the Millennium Dome.

"I have been in the music business for most of my life and spent the last 20 yrs perfecting my infectious, live and energetic DJ skills. I love to rock the party, but if i'm not behind the decks rocking the crowd then I'll be rockin on the dance floor".


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