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MC Wotsee

Thirteen years on from the first time James Watts picked up a microphone in his bedroom we now see MC Wotsee as one of the biggest ever Welsh Underground music acts and one of the biggest names worldwide in the Hardcore scene. James who hails from Lliswerry in Newport has had a rollercoaster ride over the last decade but looking back on it the success he has had has shown what you can achieve with hard work, dedication and a will never to give up.

From making twelve months of Demo’s and doing the occasional Inside Beat radio show on the Internet it was when MC Wotsee made his official club debut at The Jailhouse in Hereford in March 2000 when he had a ten minute trial for DJ Frooty’s set that the wheels started turning. In 2000 and 2001 MC Wotsee worked week in week out with DJ Dodgee who he had met in 1999 through his mate’s sister and together the Welsh duo made them a big name all across the country. The highlight of their partnership before going their own ways was their Compulsion booking at Bowlers in Manchester which was by far the biggest event available at that time.

MC Wotsee overnight became the fastest rising star the UK Hardcore scene had ever seen as with 18 months of his first ever nightclub set he had played at every major event in the UK and his name was spreading at an alarming rate. From this high point James then had a few years which seen his career continually go up and down even though he was rated very highly by thousands of people who believed in what he was doing.

The year 2004 was the first year that James got major recognition for all of his efforts as he was awarded “Breakthrough MC 2004” at the Hardcore Heaven Awards which took place at The Royal Bath and West Showground. This award basically seen a huge rise in James’s bookings for the remainder of that year and he ended the year with three bookings on New Year’s Eve which showed that the momentum behind MC Wotsee was getting more intense by the week.

The following year started in tragic circumstances as James was involved in a massive car accident returning to South Wales after an event in Birmingham. After being in hospital for a week fighting for his life James was soon sent home to aid his recovery. After spending eight weeks in a solid body cast as well as visiting visual and ankle specialists along with treating an 8 inch cut on his head it was in April that James was allowed to go back on the stage with the full blessing of the doctors to once again try and get his career back on track.

After a year of recovery James believed that he really needed to step up his game later on in 2006 so that is what he started to try and do. Always seen to be the MC in the shadows of the big names but still in his own league it came to the stage where James needed to come up with loads of new lyrics, a new style and become much thinner and faster on stage and as all of this started to take place it was very soon a lot of people started to get behind it.

The year 2007 seen James push his two massive events in Wales which were Atomic and Hardcore Evolution but keep on stepping up his MC’ing to a level that had not been seen before and as the year ended the name MC Wotsee has to be by far the biggest that it has ever been. Atomic had been Newport’s biggest event for a long time and Hardcore Evolution was putting on a number of super huge nights in Cardiff with the night pulling up to 2,000 people.

Also in 2007, James set up a radio show with Denzo which attracted 150 plus connections every week and had a fan base of over 1000 people which made it the biggest Internet Radio Show that the scene has ever seen on every Thursday between 9pm and 10pm on www.kraftyradio.com which is a continual radio station for Hardcore. This show was one of the main features of internet hardcore for almost 5 years and is still remembered fondly by hardcore fans all across the world.

During 2008 the career of MC Wotsee went from strength to strength with bookings for USA, Spain, Germany and Holland coming in alongside the big UK bookings that James has been doing for years. Also in 2008 James made more tracks which featured on a number of albums and also performed a few Drum and Bass and Bounce sets including gigs at Banana’s and Boomerang’s in Magaluf.

2009 seen James decide to give Atomic a break and bring Hardcore Evolution to and during 2010 Hardcore Evolution branched out in Cardiff, Swindon and Bristol as James started to do more Drum and Bass sets and production away from Hardcore. Even though Hardcore has always remained James’s main focus he has never wanted to be seen as a one trick pony and this is why he has always looked at other things that could increase his fan base.

In January of 2011 James decided to go part time mc'ing due to doing a Masters Degree and taking a business Development Managers job for a local company. Even though James has always pushed his music in August 2012 James was appointed the Commercial Manager of Newport County AFC and even though critics jumped all over this James has remained a top 3 Hardcore MC worldwide doing an average of 7 bookings per month regardless of his high profile job in the football industry.

Love him or hate him, the one thing that stands out is that James has been one of the most booked acts in the UK for thirteen years now and that trend appears to be going to continue for a very long time.

Watch this space!!!!

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