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Flip & Fill

Flip & Fill are a Manchester-based dance act, consisting of prolific Mancunian producers/remixers who also have their own DJ show on Manchester’s Key103 radio station, DJs Graham Turner and Mark Hall. They are signed to the All Around The World record label.

Having released tracks since 1999, they reached #34 in the UK Singles Chart in March 2001 with “True Love Never Dies”, a cover of “Airwave Never Dies” which itself was a mash-up of “Airwave” by Rank 1 and the very original of “True Love Never Dies” by Donna Williams. Kelly Llorenna provided the new vocals for Flip & Fills version. On a second release, it reached #7 in February 2002.

In addition to Kelly Llorenna, Karen Parry has also provided vocals for the act, including on their 2002 #3 hit, Shooting Star. Jo James is another singer who provided vocals for their releases “Field Of Dreams” and a remix of the Whitney Houston classic “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”.

There are many ways that Flip And Fill have been described along with their name, the official wording of the group is Flip ‘N’ Fill but many Americians always write it differently, Current Flip ‘N’ Fill are touring the UK Club scene, remixing and re-editing more famous classics, Including N-Trance - Set You Free, which was released in 2003 and redone in 2006, It reached #7 in 2003 and #2 in 2006, both versions are available on 12’ Vinyl


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