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RATPACK are DJ Lipmaster Mark & MC Evenson Allen who joined forces back in 1985 at the birth of the warehouse/rave scene and are still standing strong 25 years later.
Formed in 1985 when Evenson was a DJ/Vocalist for Locomotion Soul Sound playing Reggae, Soul & Hip Hop and Mark was a Keyboard Player and Human Beat Box. They both worked together with Mark doing beats over Evenson's sets. The Acid House craze in 1989 soon came about and this saw the Pack take a new direction.

First by running their own local warehouse parties and then, when a DJ didn't turn up for his set Mark got on the decks and Evenson started to hype the crowd by singing and MCing, something which was a Taboo in those days, but unknowingly, this would see the start of the UK Rave Scene's first DJ/MC team. A combination which has taken them all over the world to tear up many a Dance floor.  Basically, if you've never seen Rat Pack...YOU HAVEN'T BEEN OUT!!!

Also enjoying huge success with hits "Searching For My Rizla" "Captain of The Ship" "Brothers/Sisters" and "The Old Skool Masters" Trilogy.
Rat Pack are near on completion of their new Album which see's them featuring "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" legend Baby D amongst other such as vocalist Stephanie Smart and Nu Brand Flex & R1 and also Secret Agent. Bringing a collection of styles including House, Breakbeat, Drum&Bass and Dubstep.

Rat Pack are still at large rocking crowds at events like:
Glastonbury - Moondance - Raindance- Trinity - Promise Land - Masters of Old Skool - The Wharehouse Prodject - Fantazia - Innovation - World Dance - Rezerection - Helter Skelter - Dreamscape - Global Gathering - Rave Nation, - Gatecrasher - United Dance - Movement - Slammin Vinyl - Flashback - Ministry of Sound & Stepback and even Butlins - Pontins Weekenders

Also taking their sound world wide from Australia, Japan, Canada,Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Greece, Poland, USA, Ibiza, Mallorca, Corfu, Crete and Rhodes, USA, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean,

Rat Pack play at most of the holiday islands such as Ibiza (Es Paridis), Mallorca (BCM), Corfu (Futures), Crete (Spice/ Malia), Rhodes (Faliraki) Canary Island (Tenerife)
building a die-hard fan base along the way.


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