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G "Baffled" Smoove

Gavin (G  Smoove) Henry 'Baffled Productions'  & 'Ruff House Recordings'.

As  an   accomplished DJ/producer/remixer,  he  started his  career as a  club DJ  and one half   of production team Baffled, G  Smoove played a  very important  part in  the UK Garage  and House scenes.  Baffled's first release  back in 1996 was a  track entitled 'Going On', this was originally intended  to be a  personal dubplate  but turned into an underground anthem. One of  the first underground House records that saw the birth of  a  new sound  in  UKG.

"Baffled's- 'Going On' was one of  the first Garage releases to come out of  the UK.  It  was faster, darker, bassier and less vocal orientated but still retained the skippy Garage beats, combining the best of  both the US  and UK."  Tim Clay- Into The 90s.

Baffled's 'Going On' was such a  breakthrough  track and so unique in  its sound, that the group Somore/lndustry Standard  sampled  and used its melody in  their hit  record 'What You  Want (What You   Need)' which entered  the Official UK Charts in  1998.

Baffled (G  Smoove & Nathan Lockett) later went on   to produce the prolific UKG  anthems 'Over U'  and 'Things Are Never' (which was the first  UKG  record to break a  commercial radio playlist)  both featuring  'ColourGirl'. They also took part in  Remixing and  producing  for Ministry Of  Sound, Joey Nigro (Z  Records), Gavin 'DJ  Face'  Mills (Banana Republic & Copyright  Fame) and  one of  the biggest UKG  record labels 'Locked On'.

Gavin as part of  Baffled and as an   independent  producer under the name 'G  Smoove',  also went on  to work with artists  such as Brian Harvey (East 17), Kelly   Le  Roc, Phillip  Bailey (Earth, Wind & Fire), The Honeys, Ceri Evans ('Sunship')  and Robert Owens ('Is it  Real').

He  also gained additional  production credits on   the hit   record 'It's A  London Thing' by  Scott Garcia, alongside  Da Stylus, G  Smoove signed the track 'lnta Outta' to the record  label  Pure Silk. G  Smoove also gained  recognition  from DJ  Paul 'Trouble' Anderson,  G  Smoove has not only made his  contribution to the House & Garage scene  but has created  some of  the  UKG's most notorious anthems that are celebrated  worldwide.

Known for  his  tight  mixes, rolling beats  and heavy baselines,  DJ  G  Smoove's  residency  at The Old Kent Road's infamous  Frog & Nightgown is  where he  learnt his  trade and developed  his sound.  Playing alongside  DJs such as TufJam, Dream Team, Norris 'The  Boss' Windross, The Mighty 'MC Creed'  and many more.

DJ G  Smoove was also resident  DJ  at SW1   Club & It's A  London Thing.  He  also performed at The Arches, Channel  Club and The Jamm Bar,   also playing for promotions  such as Twice As Nice, Liberty, Suncity and  UKG  Fest. He  has made Guest appearances  on  Radio stations  Kiss FM,  House FM  and  Flex Fm.

His  work took him  abroad  to Kavos where he  was resident  DJ  for Club SandStorm.  Playing alongside the likes of  MJ Cole, Alex P, Brandon  Block, Sparks & Kie  and Sonique.  He  was also booked as a  guest DJ  for Club Trinity and Crash Bar,  Toured with "It's a  London Thing"  in  Ayia Napa and all  over the UK.  G  Smoove was the  main DJ  on tour  with Alabama 3 (Sopranos Theme) as part of  the IDK  team  at 02  venues including Oxford, Manchester  and Glasgow.

His  recent work includes remixes for Ice  Cream Records and signed  tracks to Northern Line   (DJ Paleface). G  Smoove is  now a  manager and producer/remixer  as part of  the production teams 'Rump Records' and 'Ruff House Recordings'.

'Going On' remix 2015 by  G  Smoove & Flawless Order (Ruff   House Recordings) was reviewed, played and supported  by  DJ  Todd Edwards,  Matt Jam Lamont and  Majestic (Kiss FM), It instantly entered the "I  Love UKG  Chart" @number 10 and is a must have DJ  tool for pirate radio stations  and Underground DJs. His  music has proven to be ahead  of  its time and the best is  yet to come from this exciting DJ and Producer, he has already gained  notoriety from underground and commercial DJs worldwide.

 Baffled's resident  MC,  'Eioby', is an experienced MC  that  has been  performing on  the  circuit since 1998. He hooked up with G Smoove in  2001, playing various events across Europe.


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