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Tedd Patterson

Some DJs refuse to bend to the norm, defy convention and think-outside-of-the-box. Tedd Patterson is one such DJ, a creative force and a New York clubbing institution. He’s from the floor and a product of the ‘90s heyday of Sound Factory, Sound Factory Bar, Save The Robots, and Zanzibar, to name a few. You can hear that heritage as much in his productions as when he plays; a torchbearer for all that is fab, funky, and cool about NYC.

Tedd Patterson’s career has mirrored the rise of house music, from the burgeoning days in localised underground dance clubs, to the global force house music has become. Those that witnessed his sets at the now seminal Miami Winter Music Conference Magic Sessions parties in the nineties are quick to use such terms as “legendary”, “ground-breaking” and “life changing”. That same eclecticism and innovation has seen him crisscross the planet, entertaining hundreds of thousands of clubbers from South America to Southport, Tokyo to Berlin, and Manila to Napoli. At Cielo, NYC, he’s built a monthly residency now into its twelfth year. His Vibal party has been compared to a cathartic experience by clubbing disciples; regulars will attest it’s easy to find religion in TP’s richly orchestrated soundscapes of the finest classic style of dance music that have a distinct nod back to his ‘90s house and techno roots. It’s not about his mixing ability - although his sets flow with ease from one genre to another without ever missing a beat - it’s about the quality and constancy of the grooves that has built a loyal and international following of dance aficionados.

Widely regarded as a DJ’s DJ his admirers and peers are as much an inspiration to him as he is to them: Francois K, Danny Krivit, Louie Vega, DJ Pierre, Victor Simonelli, David Morales and of course the late Frankie Knuckles. “My sets have always been about fusion,” Tedd explains. “I’m adventurous, and my musical repertoire is very diverse. I like the soul that exists in a variety of musical forms. What appeals to me most is the fusion and contrast, that’s most obvious in how I program my sets. I’m not afraid to take a chance and that has become my signature and that works for me.” Behind the decks his sets combine emotion filled house and deep house with Detroit influenced techno; where uniqueness and originality are the cornerstones of his riveting musical journeys. Unafraid of experimentation, he’s an innovator rejecting conformity, relying instead on his over-riding love of music and latent instinct to guide his hand. Where two paths diverge in the musical world Tedd Patterson always takes the one less travelled and the house scene is all the richer for it.

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